Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the bleak midwinter

Strange that the week of February 6 greeted us here with sunny, beautiful days with temperatures getting up into the low 70's. This week, more wintry weather is back with gray skies, rain and wind on tap for the rest of this week.

The winter is seeming a bit more bleak than it might otherwise, though, due to the demise of Stan Erhart's Sunday night "Killa Jam."  This jam was approaching its ninth year (or was it the tenth?), with a brief hiatus at the end of last summer when the Old Princeton Landing was sold and closed for remodeling. We all worried then that the jam would be kaput, but when the new owners reopened, it was back. Then suddenly in mid-January, they pulled the plug on it. Sigh... back to watching Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday nights...