Friday, October 08, 2010

Music books

I've read a couple of music-related books over the past couple of months.
First I read Bill Bruford: The Autobiography by the excellent and erudite master drummer and former member of Yes, King Crimson, UK, and his own bands Bruford and Earthworks. It was a delightful survey of his life as a musician.
Next up was Power, Passion and Beauty: The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra, by Walter Kolosky. A bit raggedy in presentation, looking somewhat like a ineptly-done desktop publishing job by someone not very good with their tools, but a very enjoyable book. I loved this band as much as the book's author obviously does and so I was probably destined to like the book, and I did.
This week I started working through Miles Beyond: The Electric Explorations of Miles Davis, 1967-1991, by Paul Tingen.
All of these books inspired me to re-listen to the music I was reading about. I listen to it fairly often anyway, but it's interesting to listen to it with some new perspective brought about by the discussions in the books.