Monday, October 02, 2006

Bruford DVD

Continuing the most recent theme, here, there's another soon-to-be-released DVD of an old performance of a short-lived but well-loved musical group. This time it's Bill Bruford's eponymous group Bruford, featuring Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Jeff Berlin on bass, Dave Stewart on keyboards, Annette Peacock on vocals, and Bruford on drums. It was recorded at Oxford Polytechnic, England, on March 7th, 1979 (my birthday) for a TV program called "Rock Goes to College." The group in this basic form released two albums, Feels Good to Me (1977) and (without Peacock) One of a Kind (1978) before Holdsworth left to form his own group.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Blind Faith DVD!

I was flipping through a Best Buy ad in the Sunday paper yesterday when my eyes were caught by one of the DVDs being released this Tuesday, September 19th... "Blind Faith Live?" I said, "how can that be, if there was any footage of these guys it would have surfaced long before now.

Well, it can be, and it comes out tomorrow in the USA (I gather it's already out in the UK). Find out more if you're interested:

Clapton's soaring solo on "Had To Cry Today" from the Blind Faith album remains to this day one of my favorite things guitaristic and is arguably the best thing he ever recorded.

Are we blogging now?

Please forgive me, I signed up here for a blog spot on a spur-of-the-moment, will-o-the-wispy whim, so here I am.

We'll see if this becomes something that I spend any time and energy on... or not...