Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Local jam sessions

Some news about some of the local jams, none of it particularly good, but not all totally grim either:
  • The Old Princeton Landing over on the coast just north of Half Moon Bay is now under new ownership. It will be closed for several weeks as the new owners spruce it up. Word is that Stan Erhart's Sunday night jam session will resume soon... hopefully that will turn out to be the case.
  • The Little Fox in Redwood City, now called the Club Fox, has reopened officially for a one-off show the evening prior to the Redwood City PAL Blues Festival, but whether or not the Wednesday night blues jam is going to be reinstated, and when, has yet to be announced.
  • The jazz jam at Angelica's Bistro in Redwood City that I mentioned below was killed off after a mere two weeks, and restarted under new direction. I have not been back yet, so no word on whether it's worthwhile or not...
  • Finally, to end this somewhat dreary litany of not-so-great news, I'll end on a positive note - the Wednesday night jazz jam at the Milan Pizza Restaurant in Mountain View has really been going strong, with a healthy crowd, an excellent house trio, and some good players sitting in - hats off to Marty Honda for pulling it off.

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